Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my order?

Our design process takes about 1 to 3 days to complete. It's important to let us know the general idea about your design. We will work off of that idea and incorporate our knowledge into the design. We belive that you should be 100% happy with our design, so The design process depends on how many iterations will need to update.
Once you approve the design we will prep the file for printing. Most orders take about 2-4 business days to complete. Our print facility is in Arlington, TX and will ship from there. If your shipping address is in Houston, for example, you should receive the order within 1 day of shipment. (If you are in New York, it would take 3-4 days)

Design: 1-3 business days, Printing: 2-4 business days, Shipping: 1-4 business days

How can I reorder prints?

Log into your account, and select My Orders. You will have a list of previous orders. click on the reorder link and check out. If you do not need to change anything, remove the Let Us Design option and select the Use Previous Design

I've approved the design, but there need to fix something! What can I do?

Once approved, we will submit to print by the end of the day for regular prints (for 2 business day printing, we will submit once the design has been approved). If you we haven't submitted to print we can fix it. Once submit for print, we can not cancel the order. Please make sure to double check the design befor approving it.

There's something wrong with my prints. What should I do?

Please contact us right away. If the issue is with our quality, we'll reprint your order at not cost to you. We can not reprint at our cost if you approve a design and wanted to fix that design after you've approved it.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order anytime before we prepare to print. Log into your account and select the cancel order link. Please note that the design fee can not be refunded. Our system automatically assign project to a designer once the order is submitted.

Can you print copy righted material

We can not and will not print anything that is copy righted. We can only print royalty-free images that are legally purchased by yourself, company or through us.

Where can i purchase royalty free images?

We use for all our images. They have the best selection and support. Our prices include one (1) royalty image of your choice from Shutterstock. If you need more, each additional image will cost $12. All images purchased through us will be provided to you for future use. Please read the terms if services from

Do you store my credit card info?

We accept credit cards, but we do not store that information on our server. Your credit card is processed by Stripe, a leading processor, which stores and encrypt your information on their server. Our site is secured with industry standard SSL encryption as well for your protection.

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